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build islands in the sky …

Listen to Tom – he is your best friend on this server.

  • Address:
  • Port: 30011
  • Clients maximum: 40
  • Online since: April 2017
  • Server version: 5.5.0
Any Russian propaganda on my servers will be punished immediately!

last update 2024-06-22

Skyblock guide

Your island

Everyone starts out with a small island made of sandstone, dirt with grass, one tree and some vegetation. Your first contact in this multiplayer game is with Tom, a non-player character (NPC) who is your guide to Skyblock.


Above Tom’s head you will see messages about the tasks he wants you to do. These tasks give you rewards and unlock new building materials, foods and others. It’s a good idea to take notes on what Tom tells you to do and what you get as reward, because re-doing the tasks will give you the same rewards. After all, that’s Tom’s purpose – introducing you to getting the resources available in the game.

By the way, Tom is a simple NPC – he doesn’t understand questions and he doesn’t check your inventory to see if you already have something he asks you to do.


Your first task is writing Hello in the chat. On PC, you can activate the chat by pressing T. On mobile, tap the hamburger () button and then the chat icon.

Please note that every task about writing something in the chat requires exact typing (capital/small letters, punctuation and spacing) to complete the task. Yes, players make fun of Tom because of that. And that’s not the only reason he’s funny, he also likes to sit and slide on the ground. But if he falls of your island, which happens sometimes, you can call him back by typing Tom in the chat. You see, he never dies; he’s simply giving you thrills and laughs, as any good NPC would do. 🙂


Again, don’t forget to take notes on what you get for each task. Repeat them to get more of those resources, but the more you advance with Tom’s quests, the better ways you will unlock to getting some resources.

For instance, typing Hello in the chat rewards you with 2 apples. Eating an apple not only contributes to your health, but also rewards you with 3 dirt blocks that you can use to expand your island. On a later task, Tom will ask you to make a screwdriver and the reward will give you 5 times more apples. But you’ll have to reach that task to speed up your expansion capability – so keep going! 🙂


Players will invite you to them, or ask your approval to teleport to you.

Before allowing others to come to you, make sure your island is protected. Tom tells you do protect  your land, and you will have what you need in your inventory – just take a look. “Protectors” are the only way to make sure other players cannot destroy your property.

Before going to someone else’s island, know that the worst that can happen is to die, but you won’t lose anything from your inventory – only your armor (if you have one) is lost.

Setting home

Protecting your island is important because players can “set home” on the places they visit, including your island if you accept teleportation requests to you. Once they “set home” (a.k.a. add a bookmark) on your island, they can come over whenever they like. If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t accept teleport requests from players you don’t trust. And if your trust is broken, you can always contact the moderators and administrators to remove that player’s “set home” from their destinations list.


Commands for teleportation and other things are readily available by typing /help in the chat. Here are a few useful commands:

  • /home teleports you back on your island – useful if you fall or if you visit another player
  • /tpr playername to ask for permission to teleport to someone
  • /tphr playername to ask someone to teleport to you
  • /tpy to accept a teleportation request
  • /tpn to decline a teleportation request
  • /msg playername message to write someone in private
  • /last-login playername is self-explanatory

Oh … a few of the most important rules (not all of them)

To keep this list short, assume that anything that can impact others negatively is not allowed. Not everything that is not expressly prohibited here is permitted. Please ask our team members for details that are unclear to you.

  1. No hacking;
  2. Don’t spam or use bad language in the chat – the friendlier the chat, the better;
  3. Don’t beg for resources – everyone works for them, respect that and don’t bother the players if they refused; proposing trades is a better way to get resources from others;
  4. Don’t spam the chat for rewards and stop if you’re asked to do so;
  5. Don’t write in all capital letters – it looks like shouting, not nice;
  6. No dating or bullying; respecting other players makes gaming nicer;
  7. No griefing, stealing or (spawn)killing; PvP is allowed but both players must agree;
  8. Do not claim other islands, but talk to an administrator if you want to extend your own;
  9. Don’t make bridges to or build on other islands (unless you have permission); if you need to expand your island, first ask the moderators or admins to check the abandoned islands around you;
  10. Do not cover islands below yours, because their vegetation won’t grow in shade.


  • simple vegetation (flowers, mushrooms and grasses) grows randomly (and automatically) on dirt with grass, so you can pick up this vegetation and store it for later use – you will have tasks that require almost all this vegetation;
  • simple vegetation can only grow on dirt with grass, so make sure you don’t dig or cover all your dirt because that transforms it into regular (brown) dirt. If that happens and you still have regular dirt and some grass in your inventory, place the dirt under direct sunlight, place grass on the dirt, and the dirt will soon become dirt with grass. If you don’t have both of these resources, other players can help you;
  • simple dirt will turn into dirt with grass after a while, if it’s next to a dirt with grass block and if it has direct sunlight;
  • the faster you complete Tom’s tasks, the faster you gain access to more materials for your builds;
  • if you get stuck with some tasks, feel free to ask other players for help after you tried completing them on your own.

Final words

Congrats, you should now be ready to start your own kingdom, city, or anything you feel like building. If something useful can be added to this guide, please let us know. Thanks, and enjoy the game!





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